Weekly top food video: Fast food sushi kebab #EPIC

In this week’s selection of top food-related YouTube videos uploaded this week, Epic Meal Time strikes again.

The Montreal, Canada-based food pornographers Epic Meal Time take their obscene and brutish displays of fast food and culinary gluttony to higher levels with their newest creation, “Fast Food Fondue Mixology.”  Battered and deep-fried Big Macs, steaks, wrapped with bacon, a lot of bacon, the burger sushi is then skewered into junk food kebabs, and smeared with calorie-topping sauces.

The food porn continues to the cocktail world, in true Epic Meal Time fashion, creating jet fuel with liquors and spirits, drinking from old boots, vitamin jars, and lunchboxes.

Posted just 3 days ago, the view count on this food porn video?  884,544 and counting.  This video is set to be another EPIC.

You can watch this incredibly disgusting display and perhaps to some, mildy appetizing food porn here:


Source: Relax News

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