16 signs you could be a sex addict

Sex addiction is a real problem suffered quietly by those who know they’d be branded “freaks of nature” if people found out about their condition. This addiction can involve many different sexual behaviors that may be either strong urges to have sex, masturbate, watch porn, or even flirt!

You know you are a sex addict when your behavior on the above mentioned gets out of control such that it gets in your way of living a normal life and impacts negatively on you.  When these feelings are accompanied by denial, confusion, hopelessness and shame then honey, you may just be a sex addict.

So signs that could mean you are a sex addict are:

#1 You often feel a compulsion to have sex and are always thinking about sex.

#2 You can do anything to get “some” even if it means getting into prostitution or picking up prostitutes just for a quick fix.

#3 You obsess so much about sex such that you have a collection of sex toys and sex items and those are the most important belongings you possess.

#4 You secretly know that your obsession with sex is a problem and that it is wrong!

#5 You often feel the urge to partake in ‘abnormal’ sexual acts like “threesomes, foursomes” and you love to watch actual people having sex.

#6 You have a mpango wa kando whose main role is to satisfy your sexual needs.

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