Is ‘Lonely’ Prezzo leaving BBA Stargame?


An ‘isolated’ Prezzo has expressed a desire to leave the Big Brother house voluntarily, due to loneliness.


Confiding his thoughts to Zambian housemate Talia, the Kenyan musician said he may not be able to handle Upville anymore.


“My tank is on empty right now,” he said to her, while asking her to keep the chat between them.


Talia told Prezzo that if he left he would be letting himself and his fans down.


“You’re so close to the finish line, why quit now,” Talia said in a blaze` tone.


Was Prezzo being honest? Is he really lonely and unhappy or was he trying to get into Talia’s heart? Check out the video and let us know what you think…



This is the second time Prezzo has said something akin to this, the first time being during a drunken stupor as he chatted with Ghanaian housemate Keitta.


  • Pamela

    its damn challenging, i was quite sexually active for many years. Then i decided to abstain. Its been a few years of alot of self control. I was psychologically disoriented. Am now treating an STI, i wish young girls/ ladies would wait. The repercussions are sooo… costly. Especially many partners & not using protection, also contraceptives have side effects, talking from experience.

  • Aggietaka

    One can order any pizza A part from the Meat Deluxe

  • LMAO !! Prezzo do not let us down! smh !

  • rigz

    keep up big boy…dont lose the fight

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