Miguna goes viral! #MigunaMeMes


Have you been following the Miguna craze on Kenya’s social media scene?  Forget the witty remarks, bring on the images – afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Capital Lifestyle Magazine asks, “So which of the following is your favourite Miguna Meme?







  • Coma baby come

  • Jupiters Cock
  • gaulicious

    da last 2…ohh ma ribs:))

  • The last one rules! Hehe!

  • gaulicious

    here’s another1..lol

  • and here’s the newest. . . Time to Run!!

  • come baby come makes my day

  • Job

    The last one LMAO..

  • brian

    this things be more than 5…

  • Jayne

    Number 1. Killer

  • Come Baby Come – Based on a True story…Now on shelves!

  • me

    KENYANS are crazy lot loooool you have made my evening hahahaha

  • My favourite

  • This is the best

  • Hahaha that last one… that’s a winner!

  • mash

    i love kenya ..amazing how we can find humour in everything..or is it our way of dealing

  • smusyoka

    How about this one?

  • LMAO !! Bring miguna back home is the funniest !

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