How to rock your green skinnies

A pop of color! That’s whats up in fashion when it comes to fresh trends. Color is being embraced and so it doesn’t come as a shock when you see people wearing pants in colors you wouldn’t have caught them dead in some two years ago. The focus today is on the green skinny jeans.

I find the color green to be an amazing color, whether sea green, dark green, spring green, mint …name it! Green has its name etched in fashion.

Green being a very rich color, it goes best with neutral colors like black, white (or a mixture of both), and nude. Although if you are into color blocking then you can play around with pairing your skinny jeans with other colors as in image 2 and 5 right below…

They say green is for envy but with a stylish pair of green skinny jeans that are a proper fit then you will be the one everyone will be looking at as they turn green with envy.

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