Twilight: epic battle in Breaking Dawn pt II

Give a woman power and things start to change. That speaks true of Kristen Stewart who comes back as a vampire in the second and maybe (not) last sequel of Twilight Breaking Dawn.

Smooth skin and a not-so-haggard look become Kristen or Bella, who learns to adapt to her new bodily functions and so does her werewolf groupie, Jacob – played by Taylor Lautner.

Bella and her vampire beau Edward get a baby girl who incurs the wrath of the Vampire Elders, the Volturi – because of her ‘superior’ nature, which will be revealed to us in full when the movie comes to the theatres in November.

According to the Twilight book by Stephanie Meyer, an ‘immortal child’ is incapable of self-control and therefore a threat of exposure.

The epic battle that has been brewing since the movies began will come to fruition at the end of Breaking Dawn part II. In it, the mean-looking vampire in Dakota Fanning as a Volturi guard, is present.

Kristen told an interview covered by Clevver TV, that the battle will be something special.

Kenyans will be able to enjoy the movie close to the release date, as local theatre companies work to ensure they get the reels in good time. Take a look at the trailer below and post your comment.

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