Prezzo gets precious votes, as Goldie leaves BBA

Votes from Kenya, Tanzania, Liberia and Angola saved Big Brother contestant Prezzo from making an exit from Upville yesterday.

They were unable however to save his Nigerian girl Goldie, who had to leave despite two country votes from Nigeria and the ‘Rest of Africa’.

Kyle was a surprise with the most votes at 6, while the eclectic Namibian Lady May was saved by her own country, Zimbabwe, and Botswana in what seemed to be a regional grouping.

Goldie could only manage a lame goodbye hug to Prezzo after a nasty altercation between them on Sunday afternoon, and was awash with tears at having to leave the house.

Goldie was aghast to see that she had been nominated by Ghana-man Keitta, whom she thought they had an ‘understanding’ with.

Looking stunning in black, Goldie would have been even more distraught has she known that her love interest Prezzo had put her up for eviction the previous week.

Her exit puts an end to the only coupling existent in the Stargame, and it will be interesting to see how Prezzo fares in the house on his own. Constant questions have been raised in the past about their relationship and whether the Kenyan’s feelings were genuine. Have a look at the video below and let us know what you think! Has CMB Prezzo betrayed Goldie?

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