Nexus 7 unboxings go viral, iPhone 5 launch in August?

(Relaxnews) Google may be celebrating the launch of its brand new Nexus 7 but consumers can’t quite get a grip on the tablet.

A video montage of reporters and YouTube users attempting to unbox the Nexus 7 has gone viral on Google+.

“For many, the most satisfying part of trying a brand new gadget is unboxing it,” writes the video’s creator in a post on Google+. “The Nexus 7 is no exception: the sturdy box and high-grade tape definitely make it playful — perhaps too challenging!”

“AHAHAHA! #nexus7 unboxing mega fail,” laugh G+ers after watching 15 people in the video trying to unbox the Nexus 7.

While the video is generating a lot of laughs it’s little consolation for people who pre-ordered the tablet online and are still waiting for it to arrive.

“It is quite unfortunate that people in the US can actually walk into a shop and purchase a #nexus7 when people who pre-ordered it (including people in the US) direct from the Google Play store have not even received [sic] the device let alone a shipping confirmation email,” complain some Plussers. Others are excitedly awaiting the arrival of the tablet and post “I’m still anxiously waiting for the #Nexus7. I haven’t received the email yet. I’ve never been this hyped about a new product!”

Japanese blog Macotakara (a blog which correctly predicted the launch date for the iPhone 4S in 2011), citing sources in China, has revealed that the iPhone 5 “has started manufacture phase” while says the rumored device will be unveiled on August 7.

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