Women change clothes four times a day on vacation

A UK study has revealed the average woman wears 28 different outfits during a weeklong holiday, with one in 20 admitting they often change attire several times a day just to get through all the garments in their suitcase.

The survey of 2,000 women, commissioned by clothing line F&F at British high street store Tesco, also revealed women will then buy another two items of clothing or shoes to add to their wardrobe while on vacation.

And the constant outfit changing can sometimes cause friction when remarked by a partner or travelling companion — one in ten ladies even admitted their outfit changes had caused rows while they were away.

According to the study, the average suitcase for a holiday abroad will contain four dresses, six tops and four pairs of shorts or skirts. Two pairs of trousers or jeans also go in the suitcase, as do three bikinis or swimsuits, three pairs of flip-flops or sandals and two other pairs of shoes.

Speaking to Britain’s The Daily Mail July 9, Bernadette Lusher from F&F explained the importance of a capsule holiday wardrobe to avoid over packing.

“Unlike the typical day at home, which can involve an outfit for work or for popping to the shops, an average day on holiday can consist of several different activities.

“Each needs a different outfit — a bikini by the pool, shorts for walking around the shops and then a chic maxi dress for an evening meal.

“This can make packing a nightmare, especially if you are travelling by plane and can only carry a certain amount of luggage,” said Lusher.

“The trick is to make sure you plan your clothes rather than just chucking the entire contents of your wardrobe into your case. Packing some staple items, along with some accessories can give you several different outfits without the bulging suitcase.”

For ladies in need of holiday packing help, there are an array of useful sites to offer advice including style-passport.com and whattowearonholiday.com.

The latter gives destination-tailored tips as well as advising on essentials to purchase from its online store, while style-passport.com offers style solutions for holidays ranging from beach vacations to city breaks.


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