MP Rachel Shebesh gathers votes for Prezzo

Nominated MP Rachel Shebesh has congratulated CMB Prezzo for the game he’s playing in the Big Brother House and called on Kenyans to support him by voting as much as they can to keep him in Upville.


In an interview on Capital FM on Friday, the MP said that Prezzo had done Kenya proud.


The musician was one of three Kenyans chosen to take part in the Big Brother reality show, alongside Alex and Malonza, who has since been evicted.


Prezzo is up for eviction this week, against Goldie (Nigeria), Kyle (Uganda) and Lady May (Namibia) after being nominated by his own countryman Alex.


Shebesh however says he should stay in the game and win the cash prize worth about Sh25 million.


“You know I watch Big Brother and I’m a big fan of Big Brother, thanks to my boys. And this guy called Prezzo, before he went to the house everybody thought he was just a rapper in Kenya with bling bling.  But my perspective of Prezzo changed first because he brands us,” she said.


Shebesh stated that Kenyans should big up Prezzo for representing the country.


“You know anyone who brands the country, has a bigger thinking. Every time Prezzo is in that house you can see Kenya, whether it’s the flag or whatever it is.”


The MP also complimented Prezzo for his dry sense of humour and extreme entertainment value.


“He’s smooth and he’s crafty. All the girls are swarming around him pretending that they don’t like him but they like him,” said Shebesh, “I don’t know what they would do without Prezzo.”


She urged Kenyans to vote for him, not by talking, but by sending text messages on their phones with the message PREZZO to 5626.


“Prezzo’s success is Kenyan success. Prezzo’s success is every artiste’s success, so Kenyans, let’s keep him in the house!”


Prezzo needs more country votes than the two he got last week to stay in the house.


Meanwhile, Malonza’s coming home party is expected to take place at the Galileo Lounge on Saturday, July 14.


Malonza had a shock exit last weekend alongside his special friend from Namibia, Junia.

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