Twitter details its mobile site overhaul process

(Relaxnews) -Twitter has made some huge changes to its site recently in order to transform it into a speedier, lighter client that more closely resembles and the company’s other mobile apps.

“We had about nine weeks to design, prototype, develop, test, and calibrate for launch,” explained Twitter designer Coleen Baik in a post on the company’s blog.

The design process included many challenges said Coleen Baik, such as how to support more than 13 different browsers on thousands of different devices and making the mobile site look and feel like Twitter without using data-hungry images.

After extensive testing and more than two months of work Twitter managed to develop a site with pages that were 63 percent smaller than those in the old

Twitter said that it is working towards adding support for JavaScript and further enhancements for widescreen views, both of which “are coming soon.”

You can read about the additional design challenges Twitter faced and the methods used to overcome them on the Twitter blog at

In other Twitter news, third party developer Tapbots has announced that Tweetbot for Mac is finally available, albeit in its pre-release alpha stage. The Tweetbot app for iOS is a consumer favorite and Mac users have long been waiting for a desktop counterpart.



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