‘Angry’ Prezzo breaks down in Diary Session

Prezzo has broken down in the Big Brother House as tensions continue between original Upville occupants and the Downville musketeers.


Prezzo struggled to keep his tears in before breaking down, as he confessed to Biggie that he was ‘carrying so much anger’ inside.


The Kenyan’s reference was on Downvillers and how they were openly disrespecting him and his girl Goldie from Nigeria.


As Prezzo struggled to stop the tears from flowing, Biggie assured him that it was ‘ok to cry’.


Watch the video here.


Trouble has been brewing since Downvillers vowed not to let anyone from Upville take the $300,000 grand prize when Stargame comes to an end next month.


As such, they have been snubbing Lady May, Prezzo and Goldie and keeping more to themselves, especially the Downville boys.


Could this be the real reason Alex has turned his back on Prezzo? Make sure you vote to keep your favourite housemate this week. Your choices are Prezzo, Goldie, Lady May and Kyle; in that order.

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