The one that got away…

So my friends think I’m the  strangest creature ever to exist on this earth after my reaction when they broke some newsflash to me last week. For almost over a week they had been racking their brains trying to figure out how they were going to break the news to me that my ex is getting married in a months time without dampening my moods.They totally hadn’t expected my reaction… I went something like “Really? That is so awesome!! He had better send me an invite for two because I have just the perfect outfit.”What puzzled them more  was the genuine expression on my face when I said that. (I should perhaps mention that I always remain friends with my exes.)

I know y’all just went like… “Strange one this Maureen person is!” Right?

While I know I might not be getting an invite to that particular wedding, I can’t help but be happy for the couple that will soon become ‘one’ in Holy matrimony even though the man was my boyfriend at some point. The expected reaction in such scenarios I know would be *face drops, shoulders slump, fight tears-until friends leave- and be in a messed up mood for at least the next two days and then maybe just crash the wedding anyway and watch every move… hoping and praying for things to go haywire and the wedding to flop* Not me though! Once a couple breaks up they cease to be special in each others eyes! full stop! No regrets, no wishes!

In a situation like mine, most people would perhaps start regretting and wishing that if they had perhaps tried to work things out then they would be the ones walking down that proverbial aisle… the bitterness is usually even worse when the person regretting is still single.  Regretting that he/she who is getting married to someone else is the one that got away…

Now this is how I look at past relationships…like missing out on a BIG SALE! There are always goodies that come with those BIG sales and of course you finally get the chance to possess all those things you’ve been drooling over that you  wouldn’t afford in normal circumstances…what with the figures on those price tags? So when you miss out on one of these you definitely feel terrible. Just the same as when your once beautiful relationship is irreparable…you feel terrible! Anyway, often when  I miss out on a  SALE things always  somehow turn out to work in my favor.  After beating myself up for not knowing about the sale or for taking my sweet time to get to where the SALE is being held I  always end up bumping into even better bargains. This is just the same way, when I break up with someone, I know that both of us tried to make things work and failed so we  will both  find better people to be with that will suit us better…That has always been my way of thinking about break ups and I stick by it.

I always say I’m growing up everyday –Include growing wiser too. I used to think that I’d die if my friend and ex hooked up but as I grow up everyday, I don’t think I would mind because maybe those two were meant for each other…

All the relationships I’ve been in have been eye openers. Teaching me what kind of man I shouldn’t end up with. They help me come up with a list of the man I can settle for because my ideal man does not exist, it helps me to become wiser when  choosing my man and the characteristics I wouldn’t mind him to possess.

When two people call it quits, it is often for one main reason…that you two were not meant to be! And therefore you are meant to accept it and leave it at that. Some people think that since the break up was their fault, they messed up a good thing but the truth is, if a relationship is meant to be…you will forgive even the unforgivable and fight tooth and nail to be together.

I don’t believe in the existence of  the one that got away…unless the separation was by something serious like death! When it’s over it’s over! Relationships end because they were meant to end. And however hard you tried to make things work the writing was always on the wall and that’s why you didn’t end up together.

I don’t believe that there’s the one that got away, I believe there’s the one that’s coming through because the one that went left some shoes to be filled!

So do you believe there’s something like the one that got away? And if you do, do you believe that second chances after a break up work out?

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