This “sex craze” thing…

I recall the first time a friend of mine told me she was a Virgin; I almost fell off my seat! It’s amazing how it seems to be more shocking to be a virgin at 30yrs than to not be a virgin at 15 yrs or less.

As I sit here writing this, my work mate and good friend is informing me that it’s sad but true because these days, immorality is on an all time high. She goes on to tell me that she is aware of an online recording of some youths at a house party having oral sex! As though that were not enough, she also says that it has become common in school buses for the older kids to sit in back and have oral sex and this goes totally unnoticed by the teachers who sit up at the front. What in the world is happening?

I am reminded of the verse in the bible that says a great darkness shall cover the earth. Without revelation on this word, one would think that it is implying that a very big and dark cloud will cover the earth. I came to learn and understand that Darkness is not the opposite of light but the absence of it, thus in this case it is right to say that there is a great absence of light, and right standing with God where sex is concerned. God never intended for children to have sex of any kind with each other or with adults. God never intended for men to have sex with men and women with women, God never intended for us to have sex with more than one person or with animals and God never intended for us to have sex outside of the committed union of marriage/ oneness.

God did create sex to be an amazing and very enjoyable and pleasure filled activity that brought forth fruit. Fruit in this case in oneness, intimacy, pleasure, joy and yes children. Unfortunately the absence of light in this area, of knowledge and understanding about sex has caused us to use and abuse it at will. We often hear the statement “Sex sells” and in such allowed the media, entertainment and advertising industry to run a mockery of morality. We have granted them access into our homes, newspapers, cars, books, radios, phones, the internet and the minds and lives of our children. Sex sells? What is it selling if not a mad craving and lust for things out of the will of God? Sex sells immorality, unwanted pregnancies, rape, abuse and molestation, abortion and much more.

The TV or Internet is not a baby sitter. It is not a co parent. It is a tool used to communicate ideas and opinions to the viewer. I understand that parents cannot be home all the time, but we need to know and understand what is going on in our homes, in our children’s lives, we need to prevent the darkness from creeping in by constantly shedding light on situations. It is unfortunate that at only 8 yrs of age my own son know what sex is and what being gay is. He should be concerned with cartoons and games not sexuality and what goes where and whether it is ‘Steve or Eve’.


Indeed a great darkness has covered the earth and it is time we shed a greater light on it. To do nothing is to allow it. So sitting back and hoping, wishing or praying, is not going to cut it. We must wake up and stop the sex craze that is claiming our children’s lives. Great darkness may cover the earth but you are the light of the world, it is time to arise and shine!


By Contributor Thitu Kariba
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