Malonza becomes the first Kenyan evicted from BBA

Kenya’s 22 year old Big Brother contestant Malonza Chege got the boot from the BBA house last night! Sad part is that he hadn’t seen it coming. He became the first contestant to be evicted from the house after the merge between Upville and Downville that took place last weekend.

Malonza only found out that he was up for eviction after Biggie announced that he should go put his belongings in the store room and then South African housemate Keagan (who had been nominated  for eviction and fortunately was the head of house that week had the option to save himself from eviction by replacing himself with someone else who hadn’t been nominated) had to explain to him why he was among the nominees.

Shockingly, it was Malonza who had to leave the game first! Shocked he was but he handled the whole thing pretty well.

He left his BBA player partner and brother Alex who remains in the house with another Kenyan contestant Prezzo to battle for the USD 300,000 cash price.

In another Biggie twist, two people were evicted from the house. That was another shocker the housemates hadn’t seen coming.

Namibia’s Junia followed her “housemate sweetheart” after crying that he had been taken away from her again. Little did she know that she’d be right behind him.  Asked if their relationship will grow into something bigger she said “I don’t know. We shall see”.

The determining votes of which of the nominee was to leave the house were too tight with Malonza getting 28%, Junia 27% and Prezzo came a very close third with 26%.Two people with the highest eviction votes left the house.

Those who survived eviction were Uganda’s Kyle, Namibia’s Lady May, Kenya’s Prezzo and Nigeria’s Goldie.

*Namibia’s Junia who was evicted from The BBA Stargame last night

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