Sheila Kwamboka drops a new track “Yours”

Sheila Kwamboka, Kenya’s first finalist in Big Brother Africa has dropped a new track; a love song called Yours.

She does not say who exactly the song is about, but intimates that ‘anyone who has been in love can relate to it’.

Speaking to Capital Lifestyle after releasing the track two days ago, Sheila says she recorded it in March and it is her second single from her upcoming debut album.

The 3 minute song has a bit of a house feel to it, and expresses undying love to a man.

“It’s actually a person proclaiming that they will always be there no matter what.”

The song is produced by Herbal Records, whom Sheila says have been working with her on her new album.

 Yours has some ‘Naija’ swag infused into it, which Sheila explains as strong connection to the West African country.

So what do you think ladies and gents is it a hit or a miss?

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