5 benefits of taking a vacation

A vacation or holiday -whatever you prefer to call it- should have its own place on everybody’s calendar. Vacations are important and taking them will do great things for you. Imagine the inner peace and tranquility that comes with the package….

Taking a vacation will:

1. Make you become more productive –  A change is always as good as a rest, so a vacation in more ways than one will give your body and mind time to clear and create some space. Once your mind is rejuvenated, there will be room for fresh intake and when you get back to  your normal duties, you will tackle them differently and more efficiently.

2. Help you get some creative inspiration- A new scenario will always make you see things in a different light and this is bound to give you major creativity. For once you don’t have a time table and you work with what your body wants to do. You get to do different things, eat different food and even meet different people so you are bound to get your inspiration from your new experiences.

3. Help you live longer– Studies have shown that when one takes a vacation they reduce chances of death by 20%. People who don’t take vacations in a span of 5 years are more likely to die earlier and are more prone to heart disease and depression.

4. Improve your mental health – Daily normal life comes with its stresses and going through that on a daily is harmful to your mental health and this especially applies to women. While on vacation, you give your whole self some time to breathe in and out without pressures from daily monotonous routines and this is especially applicable where children are involved. It is advisable to go on vacation without the kids.

5. Improve your relationships- A vacation gives you just the right opportunity to forget about the fights and the monotony of seeing each other in the same scenario every single day. Since you have both gone to create new experiences and memories, you are bound to see each other in a new light and will therefore give each other a break hence strengthen your relationship.

There you have it. If you can’t afford a vacation at least once a year then at least make sure two years haven’t gone by without you taking one! And remember this is for your own benefit as a relaxed man is a happy man.


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