I support marriage…

(THITU KARIBA) A couple of weeks ago I turned on the TV to watch the news which I never do, as I do not like to watch news. Many people have called me weird, foolish, and all manner of things for not watching the news, but I worked at a media house and I have sat through the class. Bad news is good news, what we see on TV is not always what it is, we could watch the same story on different channels and we will see the different angles the story is told depending on what they want you to believe.

As I turned on the TV on this day, it broke my heart to hear the news report on the latest statements where marriages go By Barack Obama. The story was that he said that he supports gay marriage and they went on to show a clip of several gay couples in wedding attire. I thought it was funny that a heterosexual man in a heterosexual marriage could say that. Many may say it is because it is an election year and so on and so forth but I understand that all these things are fulfillment of prophecy.

That’s not the topic of the day however, though Obama may support gay marriage, I have to say that I support marriage. Marriage is defined as the lifelong commitment/ covenant and union of a MAN and WOMAN in HOLY matrimony. That said anything between a man and man, woman and woman, human and animal is not marriage!!

The gay community has fought long and hard to be set apart, to be treated special and to have their own. Unfortunately they want what already exists for but they do not want to fall under the standards by which that thing is called what it is. If you want to be married as a man then find a woman, if you want to marry as a woman then it has to be to a man for it to qualify as a marriage.

I have many gay friends, and I am clear that I love them even though I do not agree with their lifestyle. Why I do not agree is because all that I am is aligned with the word of God, if God is not for it then I’m not for it. God made them male and female and God joined the two, as far as unions and marriage goes that is the only sample I have to go with and I stick to it. If gay people are going to unite, then they ought to have their own thing and call it what they want but they cannot call it a marriage, that already exists and they do not qualify for it!

God created marriage. It is His thing. If you are going to do something outside of Him then call it what it is but not a God thing. I know that many may be very upset reading this, and I can understand. I am not denying gay people their rights, I am just saying… to have the right to marry you need to be 1 Man +1Woman (not related) to qualify simple!! That is the definition of marriage. I did not create the word or the union I just abide to it as should all who want to take part in it. Its about time that we call a spade a spade and not an agricultural item. I for one do not support gay marriage because there is no such thing, it is right there with the tooth fairy, Santa clause, and the living dead. If it is not in- not just my Bible but every Bible- then it is not truth. Gay people are doing something, it is similar to marriage in the way they carry out the ceremony and dress but it is not marriage.

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