Bottomless Champagne makes a debut in Kenya

There could be something in the weather that is stirring the luxury taste buds in Kenyans. Lately, the economic climate has been improving against all odds and with it there has been a surge of legitimate alcoholic beverage aficionados.


First it was whisky, where ardent fans of Johnny W would pay attention as masters showed them to how pour the drink and spot Johnny’s legs on the side of the glass.


Then came wine, where every sommelier in the continent converged in Kenya with intent to teach locals how to swirl, and sniff and pick out fruity and woody flavours in their drinks.


Brandy lovers have also been watching craftsmen take their mallets to wooden barrels, but what about the most delectable of them all: Champagne?


In order to introduce the drink to Kenyans, a Champagne bar at the Cin Cin in Fairmont The Norfolk has been opened, in collaboration with Moet & Chandon, to ‘cultivate the culture of consuming champagne among Kenyans’.


It is common knowledge that high end drinks like Champagne, Hennessey and Courvoisier are widely enjoyed in West and Southern Africa, whereas in Kenya they are replaced by the more affordable Viceroy and more recently Jameson (thanks to Rihanna’s weekends). This is what Cin Cin is hoping to change.

For those interested in trying and others eager to celebrate special occasions, this Champagne Bar will provide the appropriate social space.


Since Moet and Chandon has been around since 1743, they know a thing or two more than you as far as Champagne is concerned. Simply dropping a piece of fruit in the sparkling drink is the basic minimum, and there are other genius ways of enjoying the choice drink.


To compliment the new bar Cin Cin has also lined up hot and cold canapés which can be consumed with bottomless Champagne at a one-off cost of Sh15,000.


The bitings on offer are Smoked salmon on rye bread (c), Brie Cheese on toasted garlic baguette (c), Crab cakes (h), Vegetable kebabs (h), Chicken Satay dhania sweet chilli sauce (h) and Dark & White Chocolate truffles & chocolate dipped strawberries (s).

Take a look at the rest of the champagne prices and prepare to book a date with luxury:

By Glass
Moet Imperial Brut (Sh1,690)
Moet Imperial Rose (Sh1950)

By Bottle
Moet & Chandon Brut (75cl) – Sh9,990
Moet & Chandon Rose (75cL) – Sh12,900
Moet & Chandon Brut Magnum (1.5L) – Sh19,500
Moet & Chandon Brut Jeroboam (3L) – Sh38,000


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