I chose to live unhappily ever after!!

I love my children, but my husband…not so much!

I have always been one very lucky woman. I appreciate life and I love being alive. Life has always been good to me hence the appreciation.

I grew up lucky enough to have both parents who had well paying jobs. I have a brother and a sister and we all had an amazing upbringing. My life has always worked like clock work with things happening how and when they should. After college, I got the job of my dreams and I met the most amazing man who married me after two short years of dating.

However, just a month to the wedding I found out that my amazing fiance had a baby on the way with another random woman who I later came to learn he had been seeing the whole time we were together. I couldn’t comprehend for the life of me what I had done to deserve such kind of treatment. Hadn’t I been a good girlfriend to him? Hadn’t I been faithful the whole time? Hadn’t I treated him so well throughout? That was one hell of a confusing time. I needed answers, so I sought for them.

While some that I told my story took his side and begged me not to leave, some like me agreed that what he had done was indeed unforgivable. My fiance on the other hand had been tongue tied about the whole thing and me finding out about it…plus now he couldn’t abandon his expectant lady. He had been caught and was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Things were thick! But speaking for myself, I had always been good and I still don’t agree that I deserved to be treated like a mpango wa kando.

I decided not to tell my folks about the whole thing because things would blow out of proportion plus my now worriedly sick  thin fiance begged me not to. So on my wedding day, I was ever the picture perfect, beautiful,  blushing bride, smiling all through and thanking everyone for coming and for the gifts I was yet to open. I was very nice even to my philanderer husband.

I said I had to sought answers, well; an answer came to me… Disdain I cannot stand so this was my revenge…

A year after the wedding, questions about children started being thrown at us from all corners by our relatives. I hadn’t forgiven my husband and I wasn’t planning on it. Ever since I found out about his illegitimate love child, we have never been intimate. We live in that house like roommates! Only we share the same bed but each of us face very different directions and never come into contact with each other romantically speaking.

…So when the baby’s questions were too much I came to my husband and told him my plan…I was going to have a child with another man and he was going to raise the child like his own. He fought me for a while but when I reminded him about his crimes before we got married he had no options.

I conceived twins and of course gave birth to stop the relatives from giving me pressure. My secret is that my husband thinks I have actually been with another man. The thing is I could have chosen to be with other people but its just not in me. I actually conceived through a sperm donor and well…let’s just say that I continue to appreciate my life.

My husband has to deal with the fact that he can’t tell anyone that those are not his children. It’s funny but at the same time, I knew and have known for a very long time I could do without him. I tread on with life and whenever he’ll decide to leave us…I’m prepared for it. I know I chose my path and I practiced the freedom of choice. All I know is that it sucks to be my husband right now… I shall tell the kids the true story later in life. As for now my husband and I live unhappily ever after!

Do you think I’m mean? Do you think my husband deserved to be forgiven?

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