Dating goes primal: Sniff your way to love

Matchmaking has surpassed another a threshold.  Forget about tacky dinner parties and ridiculous speed dating events, how about sniffing your way to love?

In Los Angeles, the trendsetting capital of the universe (maybe not), single partygoers have been sniffing for love thanks to science.  Many researchers have shown or have tried to show that humans can use scent to select the best mate for stronger offspring.  So, why not a party based on exactly that – smelling someone’s odour?


Singles have been seen sniffing numbered plastic freezer bags stuffed with soiled shirts.  Once they’ve found one they liked, a photographer snaps a picture of them holding the bag with the soiled shirt and number.  The image is then projected on a screen where the dirty shirt’s owner is suppose to then step forward and meet their odour’s admirer.

Word of caution, don’t put any soiled shirts with gross stains or worse, underarm yellow circles!  That’d be embarrassing.

Well the good thing is that dating is finally going back to its most primal beginnings.  At a pheromone party, no one has to worry about their bling or how crooked their nose may be.

 So, Capital Lifestyle Magazine asks: Would you go sniff for love?


Photo Credit: CBS News


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