Spirituality: Cultivating the “He and I” in a relationship

(Thitu Kariba) – I found myself in a situation where I had to look at my relationship and decide what was the priority, or rather whom.  When we often get into relationships be it with a friend, or with more than a friend, we tend to get sucked in. By that I mean the new relationship and person in your life takes priority, and  if we are not careful we could over do it. I found myself having to ask, “Do I invest as much in my relationship with Him as I do with others?”  The truth is there was a point where I had put Him on the bench or the back burner, and it was time to make things right.

When I say Him in this case I don’t mean the tall dark and handsome guy in my life. I mean our Creator.  It’s crucial that we take time, more time, to cultivate the He and I relationship. We tend to forge that He is a jealous God; by that we do not mean a God who breaks His own commandments and is what He tells us not to be (jealous), but that You are Number One in His eyes and He needs to be Number One in yours. He wants to give you the very best of Him and to do that He needs your full and undivided attention.

Do not get me wrong, I do not mean you should spend all day every day just meditating (unless that is your calling), but it means that in all things, in your waking up and going to bed, in your going out and coming in, in all you do and say, in your all in all, He is Number One. I work the job He calls me to, I am with the one He calls me to be with, I say the things He would have me say because He is my first love. The way we do all we do should be based; it should be a replica of the way we do it with Him.

I got to a season where He asked me to press in, to get more and more intimate with Him, to forget all others and put them in the back seat and bring Him to the front, the center of my focus. It was not that  I was not doing that before, but He wanted more of me as I did of Him. He wanted to teach me about the highest level of relationship so that I could replicate that with the man He has given to me.  The way before, the way to have a successful relationship with others is to have a successful relationship with Him. This applies regardless of what level of relationship, as friend, father, marriage partner, or even business partners.   Whatever the case or relationship, He is the best Teacher you can have.

Take the time today to focus, to invest, to work on the most crucial relationship there is, and you will find that in relationships you will learn and see how to handle all others. Work on the “He and I” and He will work on the “you and they” relationship.

Contributor: Thitu Kariba

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