35 Reasons to stay single?

I have always insisted that whoever said that “life begins at 40” was probably in her 50’s to console herself that she wasn’t that old. The same way I believe that whoever came up with these reasons to stay single was either married once and it didn’t work out (been there, done that kind of thing) or was just trying to console themselves that there are good things that come with being single because…they are single!

Check out the image below, there’s a happy guy in the foreground enjoying a drama-free life hence the happy smile. In the background there’s a couple arguing! hmmm…is that why he’s smiling?

I found this article in my mail.I don’t know the original author but I just picked some of the reasons that I found interesting and applicable and here goes…

Reasons to stay single

1. Everything in your house is yours.

2. Your late nights and weekends are all yours.

3. You never have to ask for permission to orgasm.

4. You can still get laid. Maybe even more often. Certainly with more variety.

5. You decide what to shave and when

6. Valentines day costs less

7. No anniversaries and extra birthdays to remember

8. No irritating in-laws to deal with

9. You can walk around naked whenever you want.

10. You don’t have to change your life because someone else has jealousy issues.

11. Getting that out-of-county / country job doesn’t hinge on what someone else wants or thinks.

12. You can fall asleep anywhere without getting any nonsense for it in the morning.

13. You don’t have to use the “headache” excuse anymore.

14. The only person who goes through your stuff is you.

Bonus: You can watch whatever you want and whenever you want to watch it

15. You don’t have to live with someone who can’t stand your parents.

16. You can be the wild friend with all the really juicy stories.

17. You can throw yourself into bed and snore without dire consequences.

18. No one else’s annoying (or disgusting) habits to deal with at home.

19. The only annoying friends you have to deal with are your own.

20. You don’t ever have to wonder if you really love the person you live with.

21. There’s only one way to do things- your way.

22. The only messes you have to clean up are your own.

23. Dinner can be as simple as frozen yoghurt.

24. You can even eat in bed if you want to.

25. You can decorate the entire house according to your taste.

26. The only person spending your money is you.

27. Less pressure about body weight.

28. Married people are fatter on average anyway.

29. It’s easier to focus on your career and your dreams.

30. The only mood swings you have to deal with are your own.

31. The toilet seat only moves when you move it.

32. No doubts or worries about someone sleeping around.

33. You can meditate and have your quiet time when you need it.

34. The only thing whining about not being fed is your cat/dog.

35. Say goodbye to heartache, dumping, and being dumped.




*Borrowed article

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