Stella Mwangi denies ‘bad-girl’ image

Channel O award nominee Stella Mwangi has denied that she is going all ‘bad’ after a string of photos released by her media team portrayed her as such.

Media released ahead of the June 29 launch of her latest single “Bad as I Wanna Be” depict the international star as a Rihanna kind of girl, who is ‘gangsta’ and will answer to no-one.

But her management has denied this, saying the song and the pictures have been misinterpreted.

“She hasn’t turned bad, it’s just that this particular song is something that she wants to say and she doesn’t care what people think about it,” said her Kenyan manager Charles Mwangi.

“She doesn’t smoke and is not a hard party animal, as the pictures show, but they are an artistic representation of the attitude that is reflected in this song,” he explains.

Shooting for the “Bad as I Wanna Be” video has been concluded and includes a sexy get-up on one of Nairobi’s main streets, Kenyatta Avenue.

Meanwhile, the musician has released a little snippet of the track, which is dusted with expletives. Check it out below and tell us what you think.

(Picture by Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles / @akam1k3)

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