Zim chucked out of BBA for violent conduct

Zimbabwe is officially out of the Big Brother contest after the remaining two housemates Maneta and Roki were chucked out of Upville for fighting.

The two compatriots had argued verbally for the entire day, before Maneta poured a drink in Roki’s face.

He retaliated and they continued pouring water on each other before Maneta went a step further and poured cleaning fluid in Roki’s face. Roki was quickly held back after slapping Maneta and then rushed to sink to wash the fluid which was stinging his eyes.

Big Brother told them to pack up and go after a long lecture on contravening the rules.

The two had been arguing since the second day they met in the house and are the second pair to be ejected from Upville for violence. You can watch the drama here.

Their exit cast a sombre mood in the house, with Prezzo, Goldie and even Lady May shedding tears, sad to see their friend Roki go. Keitta tried unsuccessfully to reason with Maneta, who has been a constant thorn in his flesh. Later on that evening, they discussed her conduct while she was in the house, all objecting to her behaviour, more specifically Prezzo and Keitta.

Two weeks ago, Sierra Leone model Zainab and Ghanaian comedian DKB were told to pack up and leave; DKB for slapping the lady and Zainab for provoking the action.

In a statement, Big Brother Stargame rules stipulate that “any housemate committing any act of physical violence is subject to immediate expulsion from the series”. The ‘anti-violence’ rule was expanded this year to include “any housemate whose provocative behavior contributed substantially to creating a hostile and aggressive environment in which violence is the result”.

Roki and Maneta are expected to be provided with psychological and medical treatment and counseling to assist them with anger management.

Their exit signals an end of the race for Zimbabwe, which ironically was one of the victors in last year’s season of Big Brother. Maneta was up for eviction this week against Keitta and Barbz. The other two are still up for eviction.

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