Goldie saves Prezzo from nomination

Kenyan bad boy Prezzo cut it close yesterday, escaping nomination after being saved by his Golden Nigerian girl. He was up for eviction against South Africa’s Barbz and Zimbabwe’s Maneta.


Barbz, Maneta, and Lady May put Prezzo on the chopping board for various reasons and though Goldie has not confirmed that she saved her tattoo-loving man, it was pretty obvious.


Keita was put in Prezzo’s place and judging by past popularity, it could be either Barbz or Maneta who will take a hike this coming Sunday.


44 days into the Big Brother Stargame, relationships between housemates are as unpredictable as ever. Prezzo is not as tight as he used to be with Roki, the girls have no real alliances, Goldie has forgotten that she is playing the game to win and Roki is pitting housemates against each other without them even realizing it.


Barbz, whose hate relationship with Prezzo never quite blossomed into love, is upset because she feels Prezzo is taking Goldie for a ride.


What do you think? Is Goldie willing to sacrifice her hand at winning for Prezzo, whom she so clearly adores?

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