5-star Villa Rosa Kempinski opens in Nairobi soon

Like in Kevin Costner’s 1989 film, ‘Field of Dreams,’ the phrase -“If you build it, they will come” – never was truer than with the soon-to-be completed Villa Rosa Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.  Managed by one of the world’s premiere luxury hotel management firms, Kempinski Hotels SA, Villa Rosa is expected to fill the current gap in luxury hotel accommodation in Nairobi, raise the country’s hospitality benchmark and attract more tourists to visit Kenya through their stay in the new landmark property.

The eye-catching pink-exterior 200-room facility has captivated thousands every day as commuters and curious onlookers observe from a distance, noting the fast construction, wondering what the new European-flared building could be.  In an exclusive pre-opening site visit, Villa Rosa opened its unfinished gates to a select few on Tuesday, granting them a glimpse of what is to come.

Majestic, intricate and unique – even Villa Rosa’s unfinished skeleton captivated the imaginations of the guests.  With two Presidential Suites and one Super Presidential Suite, a separate food and beverage building with four restaurants, grand pillar-less ballrooms, and lofty vaulted ceilings throughout – the award-winning DWP Architecture and Interior Design Firm surely will put its iconic interior touches on Nairobi’s newest five-star hotel.

The Capital Lifestyle Magazine team can’t wait to visit Villa Rosa Kempinski upon completion, without the construction hardhats, and when its doors are officially opened towards the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.


Kempinski’s Prestige

As Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, Kempinski is continuing to grow their collection of properties throughout the world, with Villa Rosa as their newest edition into the family.

So what can we expect?

Well, in the words of Reto Wittwer, President and CEO of Kempinski Hotels SA, “Luxury means exclusivity and individuality blended with culture and underlined with a warm welcome.  It’s the very best in gourmet cuisine, accompanied by local touches and the impeccable service borne out of our European character.”

Photo Credits: courtesy Kempinski




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