Mens colored pants: Dapper or Dumper?

The different shades of blue

Fashion evolves everyday! and as it evolves the men’s fashion is not left behind. As we already know, there’s a new fashion craze that is neon pants for women and of course men’s neon pants was not to be left behind. There are pants in several colors just for the brothers.

There’s a huge ‘BUT” that comes with this trend though, IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! That out of the way, maybe I should also add that this is a step by step kind of trend. You can’t just go from black pants to orange pants just like that…unless you are Fashion Polices’ George Kotsiopoulos, You have to build your confidence step by step.

First you can play around with white and the different shades of blue.

different colors

From blue you can now start playing around with other colors, but make sure you graduate with style and confidence. If you feel like a clown, then you probably look like one as well so tame down a bit. From blue, you can try different shades of brown (this is a neutral color though but some people find it hard to pull it off). Then proceed on to the different shades of green and different shades of red and maroon, then maybe orange, pink and then yellow and many other colors.

different ways you can rock your red pants

Red pants have almost become a men’s wardrobe staple and above are just a few examples of how you can rock your red pants.

Some colors should be left for the younger guys and maybe you should also note that your skin complexion will help determine which shade of a particular color you should go for. But the bottom line is that you should only wear a color you feel confident and dapper in…like Kanye West below is so confident he can pull off a colored suit!

TIP: wear your colored pants especially in this gloomy weather to brighten you up!

So what do you think of this colored pants trend for men? Do you think it should stay? Does it make one look dapper or should it be dumped asap?

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