Caught with my hands in the cookie jar

They say a thief has forty days but I think mine were like 42. For the longest time I was the happiest thief and I never ever thought I would get caught! Ever! See, I’m a serial cheat! Don’t ask me why I do it, I just do it! Maybe for the need of variety or just the thrill of it or maybe to add a bit of spice in my sex life.
Now, my story goes something like this… I don’t know whether I’m stupid or a douche bag or maybe both but I had the habit of bringing ‘chics’ back to my house! – the same house that I shared with my immediate ex who is also my ex fiancée- when I knew she was at work or on a business trip. I really don’t know what I was thinking.

Anyway, so I used to mess around with quite a number of women all at the same time -greedy I know. Interestingly though is that chics nowadays are so different. They know you have a steady girlfriend or that you are even married but they will still be with you willingly.
My ex is an auditor with a multi-national company, so that means that she travels a lot! Most of the time out of the country. I am a businessman, I deal with real estate and I sell cars as well so I am ever in the country unless when I decide to take a vacation.

I used to be a pretty good guy. Not perfect, but good. The type that never even looked at other girls but I think I got greedy along the way when I saw my boys doing it and not getting caught. Some of you might deny it but the saying “monkey see, monkey do” is very true. I got hooked and cheated worse than my boys…I beat them at their own game and became the master!

On this particular fateful day, I think my fiancée‘s flight got cancelled and so she came back home. Chics love to inform one of everything that’s happening in their lives. For example, the normal thing that happened between us would be that she’d call immediately she found out her flight had been cancelled and maybe complain about wasting all that time trying to get to the airport in good time.
But on this particular day she didn’t call me, she just came back home and alas! there I was in bed with another woman who happens to be our mutual friend and who I came to find out later is expecting my child (she claims the condom broke).

My ex was so shocked to see us in bed that she let whatever she was carrying fall onto the floor. She cried for several days on end, and called in sick at work. When she got back to her usual self she asked me just one question “How many times has that happened?” and of course I couldn’t answer because the answer was going to kill her…”err… just countless times?” Of course when I couldn’t respond, she packed her bags and moved out the same day.

I was caught red handed! But the worst part is that I never have romantic feelings for any of the girls I’ve been with apart from my ex. I just ruined a perfect thing.
I still love her. I really do. Plus my family also adored her. I need her back in my life and I have tried to apologize like a billion times. Everyday I apologize but she will hear none of it. She moved out of the house and out of my life. It’s been four months since we broke up and everyday I regret my many mistakes. I have learnt a huge lesson though. My life has changed for the worst and even my business is not doing as well. What should I do? I need her BACK!Any ideas?

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