Dating, it’s an option


(Thitu Kariba) – Not long ago I was in church and the pastor mentioned how dating in not found in the Bible; on his part it came across as though he was not for it and I can understand that.

I heard one of the people in church say how God had revealed to them the one they were going to marry and how it all happened in record time. The man communicated and popped the question and she said yes and that was that.  Many may be wondering how real that is or how practical. The thing is God can do anything, and such a thing is very real and practical because you are trusting in God who knows all.

A pastor may not feel that dating is the way to go; however, God is not limited to the way He works. I have heard of couples meeting online and getting married, happily so. God is not a one way God, He is a God who has been known to do the same things in many ways. If you fell ill, you would have the option of going to a hospital and getting treated of having God miraculously heal you. As the Pastor once also said, if it is for us, it is not against us.  I would take the same approach when looking at dating, keeping in mind that dating is collecting data and not whatever it is the world does that even includes sex.

Truth be told, we are not the same, we have all been given a measure of faith, but that faith grows and it may have grown for one more than it has for another.  It does not mean that if you date a man or woman, find that after time spent collecting data, you have felt convicted, sure and confirmed that they are the one and marry them, that it is the wrong way to go about it. I know God answers prayer in various ways and it has been dating has been proved to work for Christians. Again in the words of the Pastor, if it is not against us it is for us.

As a Christian living in the world, you are aware that there are two systems existing: that of the Kingdom of light and darkness. Darkness takes a good thing or a God-thing and corrupts it.  We see that all the time and it is evident in dating. What is a great way to gather data about the other person, to develop a friendship/relationship has been corrupted; lines have been erased, moved, crossed and made crooked. The world system is all about “Me” and in dating the rules have been changed so as to now please “Me” instead of God.

I am all for dating, I think it is important to know what you are getting into, to know the person you will be spending the rest of your days with, to be friends before you can be more, to take time to collect data and get to know each other. Time can also be taken to do the same in marriage. However, then you have to be absolutely sure you heard right, because once you’re in, there is no getting out.

When it comes to dating, in the context where dating is spending time with the person and collecting information about them, knowing them, and not like Adam knew Eve, then you are also working as God would require to. His word says that His people perish for lack of knowledge. It applies very well in this case: when you go in blind for they who’s faith level is not that of the Pastors and other, a bad marriage could very well kill you. Many have died at the hands of abusive spouses and let’s not even mention the things that happen to the children.

Dating is an option, medicine is an option, along with many other things. There is faith, and there is grace. God will not leave you nor forsake you just because you need to date or see a doctor.


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