New “slippery” invention makes bottled ketchup flow

Innovations that make everyday life a little easier and more enjoyable are certainly worth the attention and support of not only investors with big pockets, but also regular folk like you and I.  After all, it’s these ingenious inventions that probably will impact our lives and change the way we go about our daily business – like the amazing new invention that promises to revolutionize the way we struggle to “shake” ketchup out of the bottle.



You’re famished and your cravings for a steaming hot char-grilled hamburger patty topped with sliced onions, crispy bacon and smothered with a slice of melting cheddar cheese are driving you crazy.  The wait seems unbearable, but you remain hopeful as you hear the bell from the kitchen pass, signalling an order is ready to be picked up, praying that the waitress can deliver it to you as quickly as possible before the side of golden French Fries soften.


You can barely hold your excitement at the sight of your burger.  You reach over for the bottle of ketchup.

“Just a little bit of ketchup will crown this burger!”

But as you attempt to pour a healthy glob of ketchup on top of the rapidly cooling hamburger patty, you’re overwhelmed with frustration, the ketchup simply refuses to come out!

After some few minutes have passed – filled with cursing, violent shaking and beating – the elusive ketchup finally slid out of the bottle.

How many times has that happened to you?



We’ve all been taught from a young age through personal experiences that ketchup is worth waiting for.  Ketchup conglomerate Heinz shared with their millions of fans that with minimal effort, tapping on the “57” on the ketchup bottle whilst holding it downward on a 45-degree angle, will release the condiment.

Other ketchup lovers simply use knives to take out the first bit of ketchup from the bottle to break the vacuum.

Whatever the technique maybe, every time you attempt to pour ketchup, you can be reassured that the experience is as unique as the first.



Dave Smith, a PHD candidate at MIT, and his team have invented LiquiGlide, a non-toxic, edible and flavourless coating that when coated on the interior of bottles and containers, even the thickest of liquids, like ketchup, will simply pour out like water.

Aside from no more frustrated whacks at the bottle, think about how many millions of litres of ketchup this invention would save – you’ll actually get to have the last drop!

The applications are limitless.  Aside from condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise, the LiquiGlide team are working on applications for paint, gasoline, shampoo, preventing clogs in gas lines and even de-icing planes.

The ingenious invention has already earned a second place finish, out of 215 teams, in MIT’S $100k Entrepreneurship Competition, and the event’s audience-choice award.  Smith is already speaking with bottle companies for future marketing plans.

Watch below how freaky and astonishingly well this invention works with ketchup:


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