Top 9 food Aphrodisiacs you can stock up in your house

There are some people who find it a little difficult to get into the “red-light-special” mood. There is some good news however. Experiments, over time have shown that there are certain foods you can eat, smell or even just look at that will get you right in the mood effortlessly as they are associated with passion.  And the best part is that these are foods you can see, touch, eat and get access everyday… And these are the top aphrodisiacs.

# Strawberries –These are said to be a symbol of passion as they are loaded with


vitamin C which also helps to fight impotency.

#  Avocado – Interestingly, the avocado’s aphrodisiac quality comes from just looking at it and not eating it. Other “sight aphrodisiacs” such as bananas, carrots, asparagus etc which reminds one of sexual organs and eggs, caviar etc which reminds one of the reproductive system.

# Cocoa beans – These contain phenylethamine, a certain property that triggers the release of endorphins which are known to be pleasure associated.

# Oysters – These contain high amounts of dopamine and zinc, which are known to increase sexual desire.

# Artichokes – These are said to increase both your sexual desire and your sperm count.

# Honey – Honey just gets you in mood especially as you look at it trickle and land onto some surface.

#  Alcohol – In most cases it is known as a “panty remover”. It is included an ‘aphrodisiac” as it relaxes your body and reduces inhibitions hence helps to get you in the mood. It is a different kind of aphrodisiac as it doesn’t enhance your libido it just makes you feel at ease with yourself.

# Celery – This contains a hormone known as androsterone, which stimulates sexual arousal in females.

# Nuts – Most nuts are said to contain aphrodisiac properties. Some of these properties are what is said to be used in love potions and serums.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, whenever you have trouble doing your thing, stock up on these and eat your way to get into the passionate mood.

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