Which mobi app would you vote for at Pivot East?

On the second and final day of the ultimate mobile apps competition, contestant’s presentation skills have come under the microscope. Each of the 25 finalists has seven minutes to impress the judges and potential investors present at Pivot East.

The finalists in the five categories are;

Financial Services Category

A crowd funding platform aiming at pooling funds from the community to finance promising creative or social change initiatives and projects

An App based on the use of Mobile Money to send bulk payment from a group to the MFI

An App that unites mobile money and micro-finance by offering financial collaboration

Streamlines the process of receiving and managing payments at schools through M-Pesa

A platform that helps informal financial self-help groups and savings clubs digitize their information management and record keeping

Business and Resource Management Category

Get-it! App
An App that Facilitates restaurant goers to know the location of restaurants on the go.

Dairy Sacco App
A mobile credit tool on agricultural cooperatives that provide inputs and merchandise to their members on credit against produce deliveries.

Bei Nafuu
A platform that integrates money transfer and delivery of goods and services.

Easy Order
SMS based ordering and supply chain management application that simplifies the way customers order for goods from manufacturers and distributors.

SMS Based Health Insurance Members Verification
Verification system for health insurance of members when they go to access services at hospitals.

Entertainment Category

Enables users especially football fans to place and collect bets

A racing game set on the busy Nairobi highways

A chat app

Run For Afrika
A game application on running for a wife-to-be across the African continent

Tough Jungle
An action game app with an African jungle setting

Mobile Society Category

An SMS-based study solution for students, teachers, and schools

An ed-tech initiative that is focused on Primary School education

A digital storytelling portal

Brooder poultry monitoring using a mobile phone

An application which provides weather updates and agricultural advice to farmers

Utilities Category

Location based service that enables its users to find the nearest Financial and Retail services.

Mafuta Go
Helps users find the nearest fuel stations with the prices and Services that best suit their needs.

6ix degrees
A system that allows users to back up all their contacts and later restore them when need arises

An app that enables users manage security of their possessions

An application for Verification of documents legitimacy

Source: www.pivoteast.com

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