“Little things” you can do to keep your relationship sane

There are those little things that you can do for that special someone you are in a relationship with that will make them feel so much appreciated. As we know women are the needier sex hence paying them some attention will go a long way into making them happy and pleasant to be around. We asked a couple of people that are in a relationship or married what little things they would like done for them every once in a while to make their relationship worthwhile and stronger and below is what we found out and compiled just for you .

The Little things you can do for your man to keep him happy:

#Let him watch his Footie, Formula one, Rugby and Cricket in peace

#Allow him to invite his boys over once in a while to watch the above.

#Give him a “Visa” every once in a while where he is allowed to be out with his boys without you calling him after every 5 minutes asking where he is.

#Take time to make him his favorite meal at least once a week despite your busy schedules and tired evenings.

#Help him with what to wear by ironing for him and helping him pair his shirt and tie in case he needs your help.

#Greet him with a smile and a kiss when he gets home. Ask about his day and really listen to him. For once don’t wait for him to get home for you to start complaining about this and that.

#Don’t come home late drunk and have him open the door for you.

#Be intimate with him without making him feel like he has to beg you. Try new things and don’t make rules, be “creative” together.

#Keep the house and the environs clean and fresh at all times.

#Offer to chip in every once in a while and take care of some extra bills.

#Refrain from nagging.

#Surprise him once in a while by taking him out to have a meal or offering to give him a massage.

# Set one day aside to do what he likes… if it’s getting drunk together and suffering a hangover the next day together or playing a video game…so be it!

#Offer to take the kids away to your moms in case daddy wants to sleep in over the weekend

#Always look cute, men get embarrassed of frumpy looking women.

Men always look like they don’t appreciate the little things and like they don’t care but they do. They just don’t want to look soft. So when it comes to doing little things for them when it’s just the two of you he’ll appreciate. BUT! you will have to try and figure out your man first…

The Little things you can do for your woman to keep her happy:

# Call her back or text when you said you would!

#Pick up your phone whenever she calls you even when you are having fun with your boys or in an informal meeting…she might think you are avoiding her or preventing her from finding out something.

#Clean up after yourself -you don’t have to leave your socks all over the place and dump your wet towel after a shower for her to hang it out for you. And don’t leave the toilet seat up!

#Let her take over the remote for a day or at least an hour and enjoy watching what she loves.

#Compliment her on her looks every morning. Compliment her new hairstyle genuinely when she comes from the salon (you know she’s doing it mostly for you)

#Come home early when you are done with work on weekdays because she will always think you are getting up to no good when you stay out late every night and it’s not work related.

#Volunteer to help in the kitchen or with the children or just surprise her and cook for her.

#Don’t send her to get you everything like drinking water, fetching the newspaper or your reading glasses…do it yourself!

#Take the children with you every once in a while and let her have some “me time”.

#Offer to rub her feet and maybe throw in a massage after she’s had a long day.

#Keep the last shopping list she gave you  instead of asking her to write one every time. Pick some groceries on your way home even if she didn’t ask you.

#Send her a random text during the day telling her you love her, miss her, care about her and appreciate her.

#Set an evening aside for “date night.” Most women love such.

#Never Never Never forget her Birthday or ‘your’ Anniversary!

It is very easy to keep women satisfied and happy… Just do it right! Showing that you care and appreciate whatever she does for you could be just it! It doesn’t have to have something to do with money most of the time. And remember that the worst mistake you can do to your woman is… ignoring her!

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