Pikolinos presents Summer 2012 collection in New York

The new appointed Ambassador of the Maasai project for Pikolinos, Olivia Palermo, accompanied by Kikanae Ole Pere, the Maasai community leader presented in New York the summer 2012 collections by Pikolinos. The presentation took place on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at Meet at the Apartment, located at 101 Crosby Street, New York, NY.

Ms. Palermo will travel to Africa, in order to see first hand how the project works, and get to know the hard and fascinating work the 1400 women participants do. During the presentation in New York, we will show our 2012 summer collection, and simultaneously a hint of summer 2013 collection, with Ms. Palermo as the brand Ambassador.

The Maasai project has improved the quality of life for the people of the Maasai group, contributing to the preservation of its tribe, which was in danger of destruction. The Maasai project has helped everyone in the community, and provides hope, and long-term financial stability for the people who are in need there.

“The Maasai program is a project for the sustainable development of the Maasai community” said Kikanae Ole Pere, Maasai community leader.

This project is very unique, in which Maasai women in their traditional way have embroider the leather for shoes and bags-and in return the opportunity allow the women to improve the quality of their lives, and their whole tribe through fair wages-and they contribute a great deal to the development of the Maasai community.

The involvement and cooperation of other organization have helped with the construction of a great school for more than 400 children in the heart of the African Savannah.

For more information on Pikolinos and the Maasai project, please contact: ambassador@pikolinos.com


Source: Africa Fashion Guide


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