Best sex of your life is yet to come, study says

In a recent survey of 1,281 participants about the frequency and quality of sex individuals had over an entire lifetime, researchers found some interesting findings that may just keep your sexual relationship outlook, positive.

Here’s a recap of the study’s findings:


If you’re 30, you have reason to celebrate

If you’re almost 30, or just a couple of years older – don’t worry, on average participants said that they were having the best sex of their lives at the age of 30.


Quality, not quantity

The majority of the participants admitted that they were having less sex right now than during the peak of their sex lives; however the majority believed that the sex they were having was better in quality.


Good things come to those who wait

On average, participants had to wait 13 years after losing their virginity before having the best sex of their lives.  This makes sense considering practice really makes things perfect.  Also, finding the right partner also will take time, not to mention, being comfortable with one’s body also requires one to mature through life experiences.


The best is yet to come

Don’t worry if you aren’t having the best sex of your life yet.  The study shows that the best is yet to come – so stay positive.  People in their 60s said on average, that they had their best sex when they were 46.





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