BBA Angolan housemates choose voluntary exit

Angolan housemate Esperanca has given in to the pressure in the Big Brother house and has thrown in the towel. The rules stipulate that she must drag her compatriot Seydou with her, and out they go.
The couple become the second voluntary exits after Nigerians Chris and Ola had to leave two weeks ago, due to health reasons.

Esperanca had wanted to leave the house twice before, but had to reconsider after learning that if she left, Seydou would have to go too. However, she told Biggie this week that she couldn’t take it; she was ‘unhappy, stressed and depressed’ and just had to go.

Seydou who had a budding romance in the house was reluctant to go but finally gave in.
On Sunday, Esperanca’s emotional turmoil was evident as she cried uncontrollably because Eve and Edith were up for eviction.

The girls consoled her even though they didn’t really understand her pain.
Eve and Edith and the Ghanaians are on the chopping block this week, who do you think will make it to Upville?

Capital Lifestyle predicts that the luscious Eve will be the lucky girl, but that may prove dramatic for Prezzo, who seems to like them girls a lot.

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