Using an algorithm to find the perfect bra


Most women loathe bra shopping.  Passionately.  Nothing seems to fit perfectly.  But why is “bra shopping” a topic under Lifestyle’s Technology?


Well, a couple of ex-Microsoft employees have redesigned the art of bra shopping in true Silicon Valley fashion – creating an algorithm for the perfect-fitting bra.


Aarth Ramamurthy and Michelle Lam of the online lingerie-retailer True & Co., brings together consumer technology and ecommerce from their successful stints at Microsoft, Vanity Fair Brands, Bain Capital Ventures, BCG and RentTheRunway.


True & Co. promises female shoppers that they can get fitted online in 2 minutes, with no measuring tape, and try 5 bras at home risk-free.  Sounds too good to be true?


With a simple multiple-choice questionnaire, the algorithm will tabulate the shoppers’ answers, and come up with the best selection of bras for them determined by their body shape and preferences.


Reviews aren’t in yet, but with a few doubts circling the World Wide Web suggesting that this is simply another internet gimmick, would you give this “algorithm” a try?






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