Bad body odors will affect your relationships!

One time my friend’s boyfriend came to me asking for help! He needed help with something that I couldn’t help him with at the time. I mean, it is not easy having to tell someone on somebody else’s behalf that they have major Halitosis! It is just not easy! And not many people will take it that you are trying to help them…so they’ll just give you the STINK eye and perhaps even drop you as their friend.

So you’ve guessed right, my friend has halitosis and the sad part is that she has no idea that she kills people with her bad breath. She recently developed a tooth cavity and she’s oblivious of the fact that cavity equals decay and decay equals horrid smell. She complains of tooth aches every so often but refuses to have any more teeth removed as she says that she has practically lived at the dentists most of her life and has left too many teeth there already! She is not helping HERSELF!

Back to the issue, telling someone they smell is almost as hard as killing them…it is not easy and feelings get hurt and they forget that you are just being a friend who is trying to help.
The saddest part is that most people who have a body odor of some sort cannot smell themselves hence they don’t know that they stink! And so they have no idea what they put people through.

…After much thought, writing this article is how I’ve chosen to help my friend…

Now picture these 5 scenarios

*Someone has a collection of rotting teeth in their mouth (so you can imagine the stench coming from that mouth) And you have to kiss that person on a dare! Would you do it?

*You give the valet your car keys to bring your car round but when you get in the car, you are welcomed by a smell so bad it reminds you of a tannery. Would you curse him out for stinking up your car and not tip him?

*You’ve ordered for some food, and when it is delivered the delivery guy smells so bad and looks unkempt, would you still pay for the food and eat it?

*Your female friend has hygiene issues and smells so bad especially during that time of the month. Does that make you want to always turn the other way when you see her coming towards you?

*Your friend visits you at home and has to take off his shoes, but he has a serious case of pedi smell and stinks up your house! Do you make him an exception and let him put his shoes back on or do you find an excuse to make him leave your house asap?

There are body SMELLS! From halitosis, to armpits and groin sweat smell, to pedi smells, and female related body odors… These can get you dumped or make you become a social misfit. Nobody wants to hang out with a smelly person. Nobody! Because it is mighty unpleasant, and so uncomfortable such that you can even suffocate!

Bad body odors can be as a result of either poor hygiene or a medical condition such that your body is not functioning as it should .

It is excusable that people with bad body odor are unaware that they smell. They’d rather smell something else but their noses are not built for smelling their own body. But in this case you should maybe be keen to look at how others behave and carry themselves out around you. If they can’t wait to get away from you, then there’s a problem.

If you suspect that you smell and it is against your wishes, you should take the necessary precautions to keep yourself clean. If your bad body odor comes from having poor hygiene then you need to sort yourself out as you might just end up friendless.

Sweat in itself does not smell, stale sweat on the other hand is what smells! So check that you have equipped yourself with the necessary things i.e a suitable deo, a shower at least once a day and clean clothes.

For female related smells, there are soaps to clean your lady parts making you smell so fresh and so clean. Clean your undergarments properly, never rewind undergarments, buy quality fabric (cotton) undergarments, and importantly, shower often and drink plenty of water.

If you have a bad cavity, have that tooth taken out because whether you like it or not, whether you are aware or not, you will have foul breath!
If your breath smells stale because you don’t talk much then chew gum or be equipped with breath mints at all times and drink plenty of water as it will help rinse your mouth and keep it smelling fresh.

If you have a case of athletes foot, make sure you treat it and if your feet sweat alot, air them as much as you can and invest in those powders that help keep your feet dry.

If you are not bothered by your own smell, other people are bothered so spare them! If you are not sure if you smell, ask your sibling or a family member to tell you in all honesty 🙂 . Remember too that water and a tooth brush are your friend and lastly, if you smell fresh, your relationships (regardless with whoever) will remain fresh too.

PS: Perfume will not help you mask some of these smells…but keeping clean will!

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