Tusker Project Fame 5 takes flight on Sunday


18 aspiring East African musicians go head to head starting Sunday, June 3, as the fifth season of Tusker Project Fame kicks off with Sh5 million and a one-year record deal with Universal Music Group up for grabs.

Burundi joins contestants from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan for the first time year, as the contest grows to accommodate new countries and new markets for Tusker.

The 18 were picked from 3,277 hopefuls who auditioned for the reality music talent show in April and May this year, in the main cities of each participating country.

According to a statement, the 18 chosen ones will be ‘trained, tested and adequately prepared for a future career in the exciting world of the performing arts and entertainment’.

A winner will be unveiled on July 29, and East African Breweries Limited Marketing Director for Kenya, Carol Ndungu, said the lucky contestant will have learned to successfully ‘deliver authentic musical talent’.

“This year also we are extremely delighted to have a new recording partner on board –Universal Music Group, one of the leading recording companies in the music industry,” she said.

Tusker Project Fame, an endemol production which first started in 2006, is played out in weekly live shows, where contestants show their skills and versatility before a team of judges and an audience. How good do you think this year’s contestants are?


  • Stanvosh

    i missed the starting, but now am back to support the contestant, chiarap guyz   

  • viggy.

    i luv this program.thanx u r back.


    Its very true they all the contestants are stars, but all we are looking for is a super-star

  • Doreen

    Voting for Doreen

    • Doreen

      They have really been trained well. they are really stars.

  • ruth is talented bt she is kinda too proud

  • geoffrey

    i cant understand the comparison that was taken between Samantha & Steve and the most wost to Doreen so i vote for Joe

  • LUCY

    I wish tusker project fame could have different judges and presenters next time. We are so used to the same old same old… we can almost tell what juliana will say, our lovely judge ian and hamis…. we could have people like cec mutungi – capital fm, munene nyaga… and the like atleast for a change… PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • martin

    Yes I think we need different people. Maintain Judge Ian though. He’s a nice actor!!

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