My girl thinks her face is a canvas!

I met my girl at night and she is a nice girl too. I like her and all and we’ve been officially together for two months now. We’re still getting to know each other and maybe I should mention that I’m at that age where I think I should find someone to settle down with. Sadly, she might not be the one as there’s a slight problem. She thinks that her face is a canvas!

You cannot even start to fathom what I’m on about so let me try to paint a smaller picture for you. This girl paints her face like she’s working on a piece of art. I’m talking 6 inches of powder or foundation or whatever it is they call it. After the heavy layer comes the dark painted on eyebrow that look so fake and can be seen from a kilometer away and then her lips…let’s not even go there! But I can say that maybe she uses a tube of lipgloss a day.

I mean, I was really concerned the second time I met her as it was during the day and I thought to myself, whoa!! what did I get myself into? I have a date with make-up! That first time I met her, I noticed this huge brown patch on my shirt , but I didn’t think much of it. But when it happened the next time I met her, I decided that I should voice it out..but I chickened out. Not everybody likes to put people down you know.

One time after a night out, she spent the night at my place meaning she had to wash her face before going to bed. When I saw her, I almost didn’t recognize her. I thought maybe some stranger had broken into my house and save for her clothes I would have been convinced that I brought home a different girl! I let it go but I bet she saw the quizzical expression on my face.

As much as she cakes her face with make-up she still feels the need to put on some more make-up as she excuses herself to powder her nose every hour! This got me thinking that she may have self esteem issues so who am I to add on to such stress? That’s why I think I shouldn’t tell her to her face about the make-up.

I haven’t told her that it bothers me that much and I’m afraid it might hurt her feelings. My boys call her “canvas face” and I do feel badly for her. What should I do? Should I just dump her? in which case I won’t have to ever tell her that her too much make-up bothers me?

Ps: I have hinted so many times how the closer to natural make-up a girl wears the better she looks but all that has fallen on deaf ears, in fact I think my girl adds an inch of foundation onto her face every day.

What do you guys think I should do? Help a brother out. Peace!

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  1. Avatar Rkimcrazyass May 29th, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    wawawa,dude yo killing me here,hahahaha,pole lakini,bt i thnk if u loved her u wld just help her slowly,dnt xpct her to stop the makeup over nyt,it has to b gradl,step by step,ONE LAYER AFTER ANATHA.

  2. Avatar ciiru kinya May 29th, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    hehehehehehe… indeed you have a dilemma. Compliment her when she has no make up on, if it doesn’t work….tough love will have to do. If you think sparing her now will help, you’ll be married to a 5o-something year old woman who wears lipgloss like the grand daughter. 

  3. Avatar Zeline May 29th, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    Problems, Make up is used to enhance the appearance not to make us look like ghosts. If ur gal doesnt listen to the hints, take her to a beauty shop, and have a professional make up artist talk to her coz the make up will eventually take away her radience. If u love her as much as u say u do, then its time for tough love no more hints. Plus why should she wear too much make up when she has a dude like you who already loves her. Seat her down and try finding out why she cant stay without make up? That way u will have solved a problem for urself and her too. You two need a heart to heart discusion. I had the same problem wearing darker make up than my skin complexion and my guy was really worried. He told me that make up is for enhancement that I was already beautiful, only that I needed a powder to dry my oily skin. Trust me I stay without make up the whole day and am thankful coz I have a face of a 12 year old and u cant even guess my age if we meet. All guyz say I look younger than my age. If u plan to marry her, its time u made that step and it will b the best. Good luck.

  4. Avatar Miss Vee May 30th, 2012 at 9:53 am

    Sometimes its hard hearing the truth but perhaps you should tell her that  the makeup is bothering you. How you will tell her is the issue- you have to approach the topic in a way that it does not sound too harsh. It will hurt but eventually she’ll come around. However don’t try to change her or give an ultimatum. Its her decision. It’s highly likely the underlying reason (eg low self esteem)for using all the make up may also pop up in the discussion. Also let her know she can use less makeup but for a more “natural” look that way she’s not giving it all up.


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