FILM REVIEW: Men in Black 3

Men In Black 3 has already earned Sh5.8 billion on its opening weekend, shoving The Avengers which has enjoyed box office supremacy for nearly a month.

Its spells good news for Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones who are joined this time by Josh Brolin, who plays a young Tommy very expertly.

Once again, this sci-fi adventure is convincing in its portrayal of alien existence in the world, and the Men in Black (suits) are facing a new and real threat to world peace.

Agent J (Smith) has to go back in time to save Agent K (Jones) from being killed in the hands of a special kind of alien, intent on invading the world and getting rid of the earthling ‘dummies’.

Boris the Animal, the not too good looking and cowboy hippie alien, played by Jermaine Clement, is a good addition to the film, which shows Smith looking a bit less dashing. He is smaller and in great shape but I’m not sure how much longer he will be able to take on action flicks.

The usual American save-the-world story is fashioned to show a vulnerable Will Smith, who cares enough to risk his life to save Tommy, who doesn’t seem to appreciate the effort.

But digging in the past has a way of opening old wounds and showing you things that passed you by. Smith makes an earth shattering discovery that could open the doors for MIB4 with not as much action in it.

The film is creative about its aliens, and the action is both funny and personal. It’s fast paced and very entertaining, with cool space guns and automobiles.

MIB3 is showing in all major cinemas in Kenya, with a full house reported at IMAX on the weekend.

Another new movie that looks promising is Johnny Depp’s dark Shadows, a quirky tale of a vampire who wakes up in the modern world. Eva Green plays a rejected witch, in a role that she embodies completely.

Capital Lifestyle recommends MIB3 if you’d like to go big screen. One question though, what’s the fascination with saving the world?

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