Fashion tips for short men

Physical ideals when it comes to clothing really don’t favor the vertically challenged in both men and women. This is especially so as you will always find yourself having to adjust the length on this or that garment. However you can cheat your way into looking longer while bringing out your other best features (read style sense) to confuse the eyes. Today we focus on the brothers and note that any guy below 5’10 is considered short!

*There’s one big secret to looking taller when you actually aren’t… Your clothes have to fit just right! Of course with height being a challenge, shopping is always made a tad difficult. It is harder for short people to find the right fit for their frame and height.

*Your wardrobe should also consist of clothes with the right color, pattern and cut chosen wisely to create the illusion of someone who knows what he’s on about.

*Light fabrics are ideal for the short as heavy ones will make you look overpowered. Bulky never works for short people including sweaters, pea coats, trench coats, suits, blazers of heavy fabric etc which should fit well and neither be tight nor baggy.

*Don’t pull your pants up your waist. Wear your pants slightly lower on the waist for an illusion of a

Kenyan Stylista - Check out his blog
Kenyan Stylista - Check out his blog

longer torso and don’t sag your pants as that torso will look longer than normal hence giving you weird proportions.

*Pants should break just at the top of your shoes. Make sure your socks don’t show as you’ll look like you’re wearing smaller pants and don’t let your pants touch the ground as you will look like a boy who still has some growing to do or one who has borrowed daddy’s clothes before time.

*Avoid baggy clothes and especially sweaters as too much yarn can make you look overwhelmed.

*Don’t tuck in a loose fitting shirt as you’ll have a ‘Johnny Bravo’ look (big up and small down). If you are tucking in your shirt, it should hang to your crotch area and it should be shorter if you don’t intend to tuck in.

*Wear monochromatic colors from top to bottom as this will make you appear taller. Like wear a chambray and a pair of blue jeans and you will be Mr. dapper!

*Wear single breasted jackets as double breasted ones will make you look like there’s so much going on on your upper body making you look squat.

*V necks can help make your short neck appear longer hence should be preferred to crew necks.

*Ask a professional to measure your proportions instead of doing guess work especially when it comes to your neck size.


*Don’t wear clothes that make you look washed out because then you’ll be the short, fading man.


Remember though, that a great shirt and the right neck accessories will always pull the attention towards your face and also wear your confident face as that will make you feel 6 feet tall. It doesn’t always have to be the tall man’s game…you can make being short and stylish the IT thing.

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