Samsung galaxy pocket launched in Kenya

Phones have really evolved over time. Now Samsung Electronics has launched the Galaxy Pocket handset to the Kenyan market. The miniature but powerful Galaxy Pocket promises to give users access to over half a million apps – one of it being a mosquito repellant app.

The app works by emitting HD sonic sound that is irritating to mosquitoes and other flies, but undetectable to the human ear because of the high pitch.

Speaking during the launch, Samsung Electronic East Africa Business Leader, Robert Ngeru, confirmed that the handset is expected to perform well amongst discerning subscribers seeking to enjoy a superior Smartphone experience at an affordable cost.

“Samsung Galaxy Pocket as well as other Samsung smartphones provides our users with two unique benefits not available in feature phones. First, the user is able to multi task between several applications without having to close any of them. This enhances the user’s experience and allows them to be more productive,” said Ngeru.

In a bold move, Samsung gave the Galaxy Pocket to six University students for 1 and a half weeks to explore the features of the pocket. The students then spoke on the features they liked during the 10 day trial.

Some of the features the students liked include pocket music which allows owners access a large range of free music paid for by Samsung, a social hub that integrates the user’s social networks on one page and chat – all which can be performed on multiple open windows.

Other features on the Galaxy Pocket, which will retail for less than Ksh10,000, include a 3GB user memory for applications, MP3 files, photos and other media, as well as an in-built FM radio.

Integrated high-speed Wi-fi and HSPDA 3.6 connectivity ensure lag-free Web browsing and fast downloading for multimedia content.

Built on the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) platform, Galaxy pocket users will have access to over 400,000 apps available on the Android app market plus another 100,000 on Samsung’s own app shop.

Viber app will give owners of the Pocket free calls and sms’s as long as the phone has a data bundle. This includes international calls.

The Galaxy Pocket will also be backed by a 24 months warranty.

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