Jay-Z, Will Smith, Pique invest in Viddy.com

Apart from the fact that they are all stars in their own way right, the hip-hop mogul, Hollywood actor, a European footballer and an international songstress are world apart. But the celebs have come together as investors of a fast rising mobile phone app.

Viddy.com is to video what Instagram is to photos. Users can shoot 15-second videos from their smart phones, customize them and share them.

Currently available only on the iPhone, Viddy.com has attracted more than 10 million users since its launch in April 2011. 300,000 people are signing up everyday, according to the New York Times.

Will Smith invested through his Overbrook Entertainment company while Jay-Z’s record label and entertainment company, Roc Nation also got a piece of Viddy.com.

Viddy is hoping to ride on the super star status of its investors to boost the use of the app. Of course if Viddy.com is to be bought, investors who include Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and Omniture founder Josh James, will cash in.

Instagram was bought by Facebook a month ago for 1 billion dollars



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