2012 trendy lady wardrobe essentials

Fashion trends never stagnate. They keep changing with the times, some for the better and some for the well… not for the better.
With 2012 it’s OUT with the neutrals- Forget the blacks, greys, browns etc- and IN with fashion color drama! The fashion world has welcomed drama in the form of electrifying colors and prints!!
If you keep with the trends then here are some of what your wardrobe craves this 2012.

The peplum top! The peplum dress and skirt are hot too but try the peplum top in an intense color and you will have hit fashion jackpot! You can pair your peplum top with whatever you like, whether pants, shorts, pencil skirts and you will have nailed a feminine sexy look only you and people who appreciate fashion can understand.And be sure to feel and look hot the whole day.
ps: Add a skinny belt to accentuate that tiny waist some more.

Neon skinny jeans – Whoaaa! The fashion world keeps rewinding trends and some come back with a bang!just like the bright denims which have come back in the form of skinny jeans. These are perfect for color blocking (if you are into that kind of thing) and they brighten up your look!
Be warned though… temptation to get one in every color possible may arise!

Trench coats are cool but with the fickle Nairobi weather, a pea coat would be ideal. Just in case it gets hot during the day, they are easy to carry around as they are not bulky. They are really trendy and you can wear them just in case you’ve run out of inspiration to style your outfit as they will give you the much needed pop of color!The same applies to colorful blazers!

Ahhh skirts! I can never get enough of these… Trending right now are the pleated maxi skirts, pleated mini skirts and bandage skirts. Skirts speak your figure language. They help accentuate your waistline and depending on your taste, skirts just make you look like you always know your fashion business!

Other trends this 2012 that are a must have in your wardrobe are the cute tie neck blouses with an edge such as the one pictured above with cut out shoulders.
Disco pants to give you that edgy high fashion look, horizontal stripes (preferably black and white or blue and black) and animal prints…
The waterfall/hi-low hemline, a bit of sequins and Ankara clutches, and florals!…you can never go fashionably wrong with these!
ps: Polka dots are in too!

Finally ACCESSORIES!- These are your link to a perfect look. Neon pointed heels are so IN! and what’s more…they give you that superstar look. While still on accessories, colorful belts, Ankara shoes and mini satchel bags are IT!

One final important tip: Don’t just follow blindly, go for what flatters you and what works for you. Otherwise, Happy fashionable rest of the year!

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