Upville nominations turn up heat at BBA

Kenyans Alex, Malonza and Prezzo will stay in the Big Brother reality TV show for yet another week, after dodging eviction nominations yet again.

Biggie gave Downville-mates one week without evictions or nominations and they were happy even if they had no alcohol to celebrate. The air was tense at the Upville House however after DKB, Maneta and Mampi were named as the first celebs facing the exit door this weekend.

DKB used his powers as head of house to save himself and place the eccentric Lady May on the vote instead. He is forbidden from revealing the identity of his replacement, adding to the tension in the house as he is often considered as ‘not to be trusted’.

Goldie and Prezzo will still have a chance to build on their romance this week, as the Nigerian lass tries hard to keep her affections at bay – under the misconception that the Kenyan rapper is actually married.

Upville new-bie Zainab who got the most votes last week meanwhile has held her horses and is using her first nomination free week to study her new housemates, all who have bigger egos than the young boys and girls she was used to at Downville.

After talking her head off on day one, the excitement wore off and she is visibly feeling the tension and superficial battles between Upville-mates, as she decides who to chum up with.

Her compatriot Dalphin meanwhile, was sent on her way after getting the least votes on Sunday. Liberians Yadel and Luke got two country votes each while Dalphin got none.

It was a teary farewell for Luke who had to leave a budding romance behind in the name of Jessica. Yadel, on her part hopes she still has a boyfriend, after getting quite cosy with Kenya’s Alex. She refused to bow to pressure from the boys to give Alex a long final kiss, settling for a light dab on the lips instead.

Meanwhile, Camp Mulla represented Kenya at the BBA eviction show last Sunday, proving an instant show-stopper for their South African fans.

Rapper/Producer K’Cous was absent as Karun, Taio Tripper and Young Kass held it down on stage with the track “Fresh All Day”.

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