Gadget Alert: Lose weight while at work

For office dwellers, such as myself, we’ve all used our busy workday schedule as an excuse to avoid hitting the gym.  We’re tired, lazy and unmotivated.  Designed with the busy corporate in mind, the Tread Desk allows you to integrate exercise into your workday – you can actually walk, while you work.

According to Tread Desk, if you stopped sitting around in front of your computer and walked at approximately only 1 km an hour, you would increase your calorie burn by 100 calories per hour!  1 km per hour, surely you could do that while you’re typing!

The system doesn’t come cheap, he treadmill portion starts from $840 and if you invest in the entire package including an adjustable desk, you’re looking at $2500.  The system is actually on back order until June, so if you want one, you’ll have to wait.


Check out TreadDesk here.



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