Dumped for not going Dutch!

I am a huge fan of the Capital Lifestyle Sex and Relationship column and especially articles that have to do with real life experiences of readers seeking help and advice from other readers. I sure hope I can get some help too. I recently read two articles that were both on first dates. One was on 6 topics not to touch on the first date and 10 rules on what not to do on the first date! ladies… Well, both articles tackled how to behave and things not to say or do if you want a second date. Of course by now you’ve figured out that my issue has to do with dating!!

Well, in the past month I went on a first, second and even a third date with this amazing guy that I had seen as a long term relationship potential. However on that third date everything turned messy and I have to report that I won’t be seeing him again.

On this unforgettable third date this guy decided to dramatize for me a good one. I admit I was like ten minutes late that evening as my car had also decided to dramatize for me and I was very apologetic to him about that. When I got to the restaurant in Westlands (forget that I live far off in Karen) I found the guy fuming so hard he had smoke coming out of his ears. First he lectured me like a child on lateness (I swear it felt like I was in Primary School at the Headmasters office for a bad crime I had committed all over again). Then came my sentence that came as an interesting punishment which was that we would have to split the bill into two. Yes! I had to pay for my food and drinks because I was 10 minutes late!

I really thought he was joking because after issuing the sentence, he became his usual warm self again and in my head I was also thinking “…it’s a date and no splitting of bills should be done unless I want to volunteer to chip in. Plus splitting the bill with a woman on those crucial first dates just sounds wrong!!!!”
So our meal was served and with it came two bottles of house wine and everything went well. He had a peculiar smile on his face the whole time though.
When it came time to pay the bill all hell broke loose! I sort of had forgotten about the whole going Dutch thing as I didn’t have any money left on me anyway. He refused to pay the whole bill and only put on the table his half of the bill minus tip! -I was supposed to take care of that as well. I had spent all the money I had on me that day on fixing my tyres on my way to that dreadful date and forgot to get some money from the ATM. I explained that to him and asked him to foot the whole bill and that I’d give him back whatever “I owed” as soon as I withdrew some money. He became so livid, and raised his voice at me calling me all sorts of gold digger names. He then chucked some money from his wallet and threw it on the table then left off in a huff!

I have never been so embarrassed in my life like I was on that date. I took my time, finished my wine then went straight to the ATM got some money and sent it to him. I didn’t hear from him for a while until the other day when he called to apologize and asked if he could make it up to me. I am not the forgiving type and I really don’t think his behavior that evening that left me red faced deserves forgiveness. Besides, I’m still not sure what I am more pissed about. Him being an idiot and not being a gentleman (on the third date) and asking me to split the bill? Or him shouting at me like a child and embarrassing me!? I’m thinking both! What do you think?

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