Will Windows 8 be a game changer?

As the battle of operating systems heats up, Microsoft’s Windows 8, currently in Beta version, is touted to be the answer to IOS and Android recent challenge. The level of integration across platforms and apps will probably be the major selling point in choosing an OS.

Microsoft recently upgraded their cloud offering to include a larger SkyDrive to existing customers as well as a paid version that includes up to 100 GB of storage. Think synchronized. What you have on your Windows Phone will be backed up on to the cloud which in turn is picked up by your PC, your Tablet and possibly your gaming centre.

But Microsoft will have to contend with Android’s cloud integration offering and seamless integration across devices. LG recently announced content sharing on TV, phone and PC < link story https://www.capitalfm.co.ke/lifestyle/2012/05/07/lg-launches-cloud-streaming-for-mobile-tv-and-pc/ >

But if the Beta version of Windows 8 is an indication of what we should expect before the end of the year, then Microsoft has a good chance of upsetting IOS and Android. It has multiple functionality most of which looks very cool and metro-styled. We also expect the OS to run light on even the simplest devices. At the very least it should be lighter than Windows 7.

The one thing advantage that Microsoft has over its rivals is Windows, followed closely by Office. To date, 400 million copies of Windows 7 have been sold worldwide. A price cut of the new product will greatly boost consumer uptake, even as improves the features.

So will Windows 8 going to be a game changer? Well, we just have to wait and see when it is officially released.


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